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M E M O I R 

Naturally Dyed and Handwoven Khes

Rekindling the tactile memory of Khes in Punjabi households, The Khes Project and Balwaar present 'Memoir,' our first collection together. We've revisited traditional weaves, experimented with natural dyes, and collaborated with skilled woman weavers to craft Khes pieces that you will love. 'Memoir' encapsulates the essence of Punjab's textile legacy, a poetic symphony of shared memories and heartfelt craftsmanship. Experience the warmth of Punjab through our reimagined designs.

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Meet our Collaborators
The Khes Project Logo

TKP is a digital archival platform that has been researching the Khes weaving traditions of the undivided Punjab for the last five years. They aim at bringing back Khes as a product to the textile market and bridging the distance between east and west Punjab through the means of this craft tradition. This is their first collection.


Team of Artisans 

The talented women shaping our story. Celebrating the heart and soul of our craft – the incredible women weavers and embroiderers behind every Khes of this collection. Their skill, dedication, and artistry breathe life into our creations.

Our team of artisans - Natural Dyers, Weavers and Embroiderers.
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